BrowXenna Brow Henna for eyebrows (Sachet- Refill) and Mineral Solution 30ml

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Henna for eyebrows(Sachet- Refill) , BrowXenna®

Eyebrow henna BrowXenna® is the first henna developed specially for eyebrow coloring. Tinting lasts up to 14 days on the skin and up to 6 weeks on the hairs. In the palette of henna for eyebrows BrowXenna® there are 12 shades that can be used both in pure form and mixed with each other.

Sachet-refill — convenient packaging, which allows you to store on the workplace supply of henna for eyebrows BrowXenna® After opening the sachet, henna must be poured into the bottle.

Brunette colors

# 102 "Cold Coffee"
"Cold Coffee" is suitable for brown-haired women with a cold hair tone. It looks perfect on girls with dark hair and brown eyes. For blondes is used with caution.

# 103 "Rich Taupe"

"Rich Taupe" is suitable for brunettes and dark brown-haired women. This is the darkest shade in the BrowXenna® palette and can be used to darken any other shade.

# 104 "Dark Chocolate"

"Dark Chocolate" is suitable for girls with brown hair and brown eyes. In its pure form gives a rich cool brown tone on the eyebrows.

Volume: 6 g

Mineral solution for henna mixing, BrowXenna®

Mineral solution for henna mixing, BrowXenna® is developed specially for mixing it with BrowXenna® eyebrow henna. The unique formula of the mineral solution promotes high-quality and safe interaction with henna for eyebrows BrowXenna® and prolongs the durability of the tinting. Mineral solution for henna mixing, BrowXenna® does not contain impurities, additives and heavy metals.
How to use: mix in a non-metallic bowl BrowXenna® EYEBROW HENNA with 4-8 drops of Mineral solution for henna mixing, BrowXenna® (in a ratio of 1:2).

Ingredients (nutrients per 100 g of mineral solution): Potassium 3 mg; Calcium 13 mg; silicon 10 mg; Magnesium 20-150 mg; Sodium 200 mg; Sulfur 0.8 mg; Chlorine 50 mg; Aluminum 100 mg; Boron 1200 mg; Titanium 4 mg; Fluorine 800 mg

Volume: 30 ml
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